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Mobile Dent Repair in Charlotte, NC

Mobile Dent Repair in Charlotte, North Carolina


Are you concerned that dents and other marks are taking away from your car’s appearance? Consider looking into a mobile dent removal company. This service has tools that can get rid of the dings on the surface of your car. This is done through something called PDR, or paintless dent repair. It is not easy for a technician to learn this skill, but it can be done for less than an auto body shop.

Regardless of how old your vehicle is, it is always a little disturbing to head out to your car and find a new mark on it. There are a number of reasons these dents and dings pop up; sometimes weather plays a role and sometimes it is the fault of another driver.

However, you do not have to accept your car’s new appearance, and you do not have to find the time to take your car to a shop. Instead, mobile dent repair companies travel to your location to fix your car. This enables you to continue with your daily schedule and still get your car fixed to your satisfaction.

There are a number of benefits to choosing a paintless dent removal service. In particular, customers often save up to 70 percent on the service as compared to what it would cost at an auto body shop. The outer body of the car does not need to be replaced, so money is saved on things like fillers and paint.

Also, the quality of the repair is second to none. With PDR, the original paint job on the car stays intact. Dents and dings are corrected, and once the process is complete, you often cannot tell that there was anything wrong with the car to start with. Therefore, this type of service is very valuable to car owners.

If you are thinking about using a mobile dent removal services, keep the following points in mind. First, you will save money with a PDR; going to an auto body shop is much more expensive. In addition, you save time. This service comes to you and works quickly to get your car back in top shape.

PDR Guy makes it easy to get your car fixed on your terms. If your car needs any type dent  fixed large or small, call our certified master PDR technician right away to get the process started. now Now servicing Mooresville and surrounding Charlotte, NC areas Call today for a FREE estimate.